Yard and Craft Sale Results

Thank you everyone for your very generous donations to this year’s yard sale.  Proceeds were $2,200 before expenses.  $185 of this will be given to the Youth Group from the Youth Group’s Bake Sale.  We will also set aside $250 to use for perennials to be added to the front garden of the Church.  The remaining cash will be used towards funding Outreach activities, (movie nights, game nights and other activities that need funding).  Once again the people of the Bethany Church community provided the support needed to make this year’s Sale a success!  Thanks to all!

2016 Saver's Fundraiser Drive

Thank you for your donations of clothing, books, and other items to the Youth Group's 2016 Saver's Fundraiser.  We raised a total of $262.20 which will be given to the Youth Group to help fund their activities.  Just to let you know, we collected 930 pounds of clothing at $.20 per pound, 1194 pounds of "leftovers" from the yard sale at $.05 per pound, and 330 pounds of books at $.05 per pound.
It feels great to have the rooms downstairs which held these items completely empty.  In the past we have paid for a dumpster to take away the items from the yard sale which did not sell, so not only did we make money on these items by selling them to Savers,  we did not have to pay for a dumpster and truck to haul the unsold items away.  Clearly a "win-win" situation.
We will keep you posted as to our next Yard Sale and Saver's collection date.  Keep those donations coming!!!
Jean Wilson and Becky Thorne.

The Lord's Prayer - Sung by Sung by Gisca Bonhomme, accompanied by Manoach Bonhomme

Gisca represents her father's ministry, the Primitive Baptist Church of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Gisca and Manoach performed for us on November 20, 2016 as a thank you for our congregation's support of her father's ministry.

Rev. Peter showing his Scottish heritage by enjoying a taste of haggis.

Lunch at Father Bill's

On Saturday, March 26 and June 25 2016 (Bethany Congregational Church hosts lunch at Father Bill's four time a year), Bethany provided lunch to the clients of Father Bill's.  Lunches were prepared at Bethany and then brought over and served.  Lunches consisted of the following: Sandwich with deli meat and cheese; Single size bag of chips; 1 piece of fruit; 1 salad; 2 cookies.  Easter candy was also provided!  Alita, Jean, David, Nancy and John helped make the sandwiches and served the lunches.  Connie also helped with the lunch preparation.  Thank you to all who helped and donated funds for this worthy cause!

Bethany celebrated Scottish day on Sunday, November 27, 2016 by having Tom Childs play the bagpipes for us during the service and by the congregation enjoying Scottish cuisine (including the ever delicious haggis) at fellowship after the service.

Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) A Cappella Choir, ENC Chamber Singers and the Salvation Army Quincy Temple Corps Band at Bethany Congregational Church, December 10, 2015


Primitive Baptist Church

In November, 2015, Gisca Bonhomme representing the Primitive Baptist Church of Port-au-Prince, Haiti spoke to our congregation about the Church's goal to raise funds for a new, permanent  church structure. Our congregation graciously responded with $550 in donations.  Gisca used this money as a down payment for a fundraiser to be held at the Neighborhood Club in Quincy which was held on  Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 6:15 pm to 9:30 pm.  The fundraiser consisted of Hors D'oeuvres and a presentation about the Primitive Baptist Church. A silent auction was also held.

Bethany Congregational Church